Road Crossing

Road Crossing

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In this game, you should know how to control the frog and how to avoid the dangers. After checking these points, you can have a time while playing 3D Road Crossing game… You have a character, it is a frog in this adventure and the main target of the game is; frog must be alive while it is moving on the road and you must to get it to the final point of the destination. There are 2 different playing styles in this game. Firstly, you can use the direction keys to move the frog. Secondly, you can click on the screen and move the frog which side you want. On the green areas, you can see the gold coins. Your frog must collect all these coins. But pay attention, some of them can be a part of ambush to take your frog to the dangers. This free Road Crossing Game is very attractive game if you like the animals. Frog goes to somewhere while jumping and you need to think about the jumping time per each move. Flying arrows, turning blades, different wild animals and other dangers are on the ground and they are moving. Your frog must be away from them for its healty.

Game Details

There is a small and cute frog and this frog must be alive among different dangerous things. You must to control this sweet frog in the Road Crossing game. Are you ready to do that? You will like this game and your frog character, it will be really interesting adventure for you. Because there are so many dangerous things in this adventure like flying arrows, turning blades etc. But you have a big mission, now you can check the details of this game;

Date Added: 2017-06-19

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