In this game, you have a talented character. This character can use every kind of guns to shoot the enemies. You are controlling your character and every section has different targets. But the main target is; to be alive… - There are so many different levels in this Shooter Game and you must be alive in every mission. For example, the first mission is killing 100 enemies. The second one is destroying 10 black cars. Every mission has own rules and things. - In the game, you can get money, medic kit and gun items when you kill the enemies. Sometimes you can destroy some boxes or machines and can take different items for your character. So, all these items are important for you. Especially the money! - If you have a bomb, you can click on right and throw it away to destroy your enemies. - You can see what you have on the right down part of the screen. - Direction keys or W, A, S and D keys can be used to move everywhere. - Left click is for shooting… - In this 3D Hammer 2 Game you can get the highest scores from every sections and you can be a legend among all the players. - If you want, you can also draw your own ways in the sections. It depends on the section places and areas. For now, you can be a real hero in this game. Are you ready to shoot more and more?

Game Details

Do you like to be hero? Who doesn't? In this game, you can be the perfect shooter with you guns in different areas. You have big talents to shoot somewhere, to shoot somebody… So, everybody trust you about your missions. Not, prepare yourself to shoot the enemies in the hammer 2 game!

Date Added: 2017-05-18

Category: Unity Games

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