In this 3D mind game you have a main target; catching the total 2048 points. On the square, there are some numbers come to the cells and players must to change them with every moves. Then, at the end, they can reach the total amounts. If this total amount equals to 20148, you win! Here are all the details; To reach the total 2048 amount is very important. If you can’t reach, you will lose the game. After losing game, you can click on the replay button and play it again. If you are on the computer, the direction keys will help you to play this game. When you touch the direction keys, numbers will move to the sides which you selected. For example, when you click on the right side, numbers will go on to the right side. If there are other numbers on the same line, they will be added on the other numbers. If you select top key, they will be added on the top side’s numbers. So, it is about the strategic decision. This Game Will Make You Happy These mind games are very important for children. When they play this game, they feel happy and their brain works so much at the same time. Numbers are ready for you; and are you ready for this adventure?

Game Details

On the internet, there are so many different mind games. You can see that some of games are about the colors, some of them are about the numbers or similar logics… All these games are very healthy for the brain and these adventures make brain works too much. At this point, if you want to play a high quality mind game, the 2048 is here! If you like to play with numbers, if you like mathematics or calculations, be ready for playing the perfect game.

Date Added: 2017-05-15

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